Paolo AmorettiPainting helps me to have clarity, I mean an inner clarity but also a real vision on the world, the more I get, the more there is clarity and balance, thoughts  and ideas are very clear and I don’t have to strain, it is all there in front of me accessible and clear. Seeking a balance between the colors and shapes, paint gives me strength to face life, I feel that there is something different from what I see. I don’t start a work with a pre-defined project, I feel that everything it’s already there, I know what it means balance, at which point it no longer matters if what I seek is a face or an abstraction, at which point matters only the balance of colors. Express myself gives me a sense of security and peace, and I feel immersed, in those incomprehensible signs I’m there with all my might, in balance on the canvas.


He attends the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts and the Marco Polo Professional Institute for the catering and hotel activities of Genoa. He continues his activities of both Chef and Art as personal interior research through painting. For several years she has been working at Serravalle Scrivia (AL) in his laboratory and in Milan. Collaborates with Noviarte Gallery and the Avoir Gallery Fine Art & Collection in Los Angeles. And he’s among the artists of the gallery Coronari 111 Rome. He’s always looking for a human improvement through painting as a sign of his passage. Held his first exhibition at  Palazzo Lamba Doria in Genoa in 1985. Currently I collaborate with I am represented by the Art Gallery Le Tracce in Genoa, Giordano Interior Design in Novi Ligure Italy,  Avoir Fine Art & Collections in Los Angeles, and various Action Houses like Basezero in Saronno (MI), Arte Moderna, Arte Interni and Arte Capital Gallery in Brescia, I am currently present on Artprice.


  • 2016 Collective Exhibition Encyclopedia of Italian Art in Sacred Art Museum Villa Clerici in Milan.
  • 2016 Colleticve Different Expressions at the art gallery Le Tracce in Genoa
  • 2016 Bipersonal The Opposites Revealed with Ilaria Berenice at the art gallery Le Tracce in Genoa
  • 2015 is Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong represented by Noviarte Gallery Novi Ligure
  • 2015 Exhibits in Preganziol (TV) to the Art Gallery of Contemporary Elle with the exhibition In Praise the grammar.
  • 2015 Exhibits at the Art Gallery of Florence Onart with the show Veiled Identity
  • 2015 Exhibits at Positions Art Fair in Berlin on the occasion of Art Weeks represented by Novi Art Gallery
  • 2015 is represented by two works in the sets of the movie Mission Impossible by Tom Cruise.
  • 2015 Collective Art at the Lighthouse Museum and the Foundation  Garaventa in Genoa titled Fall Out
  • 2015 Join the Artists of the art gallery Coronari 111 in Rome
  • 2014 Exhibits at the Royal Opera Arcade in London Pall Mall Gallery with the exhibition Egos.
  • 2014 Exhibits in Florence, Art Merlino Bottega, with the exhibition Bodily Metamorphosis
  • 2014 Exhibits in Bratislava,  International Art Festival Galéria Slovenského rozhlasu.
  • 2014 He exhibited in Milan at the Plaumann Art Gallery  with the exhibition De Forma beyond the boundaries of the body.
  • 2014 is present at the Second International Biennial of Palermo represented by Galleria Coronari 111
  • 2014 is present at the Biennale in Cesenatico, Premio Leonardo Da Vinci
  • 2006 Organizer and creator of the show Happy Birthday Dylan DOG Campionissimi to Novi Ligure Museum on the occasion of 20 years of the character of the Bonelli Comics


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