Abstract Faces

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Expressive intensity between figurative and informal

“The intense painting of Paul Amoretti urges the viewer to follow paths that belong to the spaces of imagination, where the atmosphere turns thin and impalpable profiles thanks to a rigorous search of the expressive function of color. After years of research, studies and trials Paolo Amoretti is able to achieve excellent results, able to return to the public any more intimate vibration of pigment, each tonal throb of oil paints that create happen undisputed emotional involvement. Where there are faces and figures that emerge from these paintings they are the result of an unstoppable flow of color, as it will automatically start out as emblematic presences that with their appearance weave silent dialogues with the observer. Lapping the undefined border between reality and abstraction, between figure and informal, Amoretti uses color going beyond merely aesthetic, freeing heterogeneous expressive potential that result from internalized investigation. It’s unavoidable to feel a sort of contemplative rapture in front of these works brimming with magical energy, the viewer is urged to fulfill the desire to unravel the subtle mystery, held between the color sweaters or in the expression of the faces. The artist through a compositional technique of great beauty can produce both energy and situations of stagnation, decline in the alternation of the colors the dichotomy of strength and lightness. With skillful technique, Paul Amoretti shares with the viewer his own subjectivity, his work is externalized intimate investigation on the canvas, without being afraid to confront the darkest and problematic sides of his spirit and of his essence.”

Dino Marasà