Abstract Paintings

“Sometimes words are not enough. Then need colors. And the forms and notes. And the emotions.” (A. Baricco )

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La musica 90x70cm Paolo Amoretti

Abstract Faces

“It’s unavoidable to feel a sort of contemplative rapture in front of these works brimming with magical energy, the viewer is urged to fulfill the desire to unravel the subtle mystery, held between the color sweaters or in the expression of the faces.”  Dino Marasà

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Figurative paintings

“In all its figurative it unfolds glowing nature of humors, which are physically compelling and strongly incisors, in the definition of their human morphologies”. Daniela Martinelli

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Stories of Genoa 45x56cm Paolo Amoretti
Stories of Genoa 45x56cm Paolo Amoretti

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Giordano Arredamenti

Artworks by Paolo Amoretti and Ilaria Berenice are on exhibition at the showroom of Giordano Arredamenti in the center of Novi Ligure (AL) in corso Marenco 71.

Artworks made with Ilaria Berenice




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